What accompaniment instrument do I choose?

What accompaniment instrument do I choose?

Hi Folks! Today I am writing about choosing your accompaniment options. If you have booked me or have inquired with me, you will know that I offer a number of options to choose from when it comes to instrument options.

  1. Guitar or Piano Player
  2. Piano Backing Tracks
  3. Additional accompaniment options – Violin, Cello, Flute, Harp, Pipes …and any other instrument you would like to incorporate.

Wedding ceremony music can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish but how do you choose?

Live with guitar

If you are like me you will have dreamt about what song you walk down the aisle to and have an idea in your head of what your hear. Maybe you would love a string trio or quartet. Maybe you want a Classical wedding singer or a singer who can pull off Adele or Ed Sheeran’s most recent love song! ( I think I know one of these wedding singers :P)

Live with piano and violin:

My couples are under no pressure at the time of booking to choose their accompaniment option  there and then and often enough couples who have chosen accompaniment early on, change their mind after choosing their songs nearer to the wedding date. Some who thought they wanted piano have gone with guitar or added violin or have decided to save some $$ and gone with the piano backing track option.

Piano backing track – ‘Perfect’ – Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli Cover

My advice to choosing the instruments that accompany your singer is to look at the songs first! If you want a lot of instrumentals or if your Priest will only allow instrumentals of modern songs then adding a solo instrument like violin or flute is a great choice to make those instrumental songs more special.

Listen to different versions of songs. Acoustic versions on guitar can be very romantic while piano arrangements give a more traditional and classical feel.

As a singer I am blessed to be able to let my voice do most of the work. some of my favourite performances have been without any accompaniment at all and during most ceremonies there is always maybe one or 2 songs that the couple have chosen that work best when I sing them without any accompaniment. In a church especially, the solo voice during songs like Ag Criost and Siol and She moved through the fair can be hauntingly beautiful.

Unaccompanied – Ag Criost an Siol

I hope this helps you if you are planning your wedding music. If you have booked a good wedding singer , they wont need all of the bells and whistles to make it special and will hopefully know from planning with you the best way to make your ceremony music perfect and magical for you!


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