From Wedding Singer to Bride: Part 1 – Photographer

From Wedding Singer to Bride: Part 1 – Photographer

Hi folks,

This is the first blog I am writing about my own wedding plans. I thought some of you might find it helpful or reassuring  to see that even those of us in the wedding business find planning our own weddings a little bit stressful and overwhelming at times.

In this post I am going to introduce you to our wedding photographer MrsRedHeadPhotography . As a wedding singer I meet hundreds of photographers across the country and work with a lot of the same people regularly. I have a few favourites who I always love to see at weddings because I know they are going to be fun to work with on the day and capture some amazing shots.

I first met Olga, AKA, MrsRedHead, at a wedding ceremony in Doolin a few years back and from the moment I saw her I remember just LOVING her energy and the way she carried out her work. A smile and laugh goes a long way and Olga just brightens up the entire room when she enters. This is really helpful when you’re a photographer as being able to make a couple laugh will always help make a great shot.

I didn’t have to think very long or hard about choosing Olga as our photographer. I knew her well from doing weddings with her, I could see she was professional and on the ball throughout the ceremonies, discreet, approachable and very creative.

Apart from her talent as a photographer at capturing creative and unusual shots, I wanted to book her because I got on so well with her. For my wedding, I want to book people who I know I can talk to, ask questions and finally, enjoy their company on the day itself and make the most of every moment. This is why we booked MrsRedHeadPhotography. I also wanted to have a second photographer and Olga has a two photographer team package which we have chosen.

We had an engagement shoot with MrsRedHead recently. This was a great little preview as to how working with Olga on the wedding day will be and it really clarified that all my thoughts were correct. We booked the best!

She made the shoot so easy. We laughed so much and I was so happy to see my hubby to be so comfortable with her and in front of the camera. I think it helped that They had both already met twice before. Once at the Brides of Limerick Awards night where myself and MrsRedHead both won awards in our categories and again at a wedding I was performing at in Doolin. I just love how creative the shots are and that she captured the beautiful scenery around us.

Speaking of scenery, we explored a cave and climbed the cliffs and splashed in the water and nothing was too much for Olga. She is so game ball for anything when it comes to getting the perfect shot and capturing the spirit of the couple. I shared one fo the photos with a friend and she said that if there was one photo to sum up me and Don then this would have been it. Its just perfect.


If you are on the hunt for a wedding photography MrsRedHead most certainly is one of the best that I have ever worked with and you should definitely check out her website and all social media platforms.

There are many amazing photographers throughout the country. My top tips would be to definitely try and meet them in person either at a wedding fair or for a coffee if convenient. Book an engagement photoshoot with them or if this isn’t possible make sure your other half meets the photographer too.  Some people may find it awkward when a photographer tells them to kiss ect. so getting to know the person will defiantly help break the ice of the big day. I also suggest doing your homework. I’m lucky to see suppliers work all of the time s I do have a behind the scenes look at how they function on the day.

It goes without saying that you should book someone who’s style of photography you like. I love MrsRedHeads style of photography. I love the magic. Other Brides and Grooms may want photos with a more traditional flair. It goes for everything, but book a supplier that suits YOUR taste.

On a final personal note, Olga/MrsRedHead, thank you so much for such a wonderful engagement shoot. We are so glad to have you as our wedding photographer. It’s a little bit away yet so I look forward to seeing you at the next wedding we are working at together for more laughs and fun 🙂

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