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The most common questions people ask first in regards to choosing their ceremony music are: how many songs do I pick? and where do they go? for answers to these questions – simply choose your ceremony type below and read on…

Church Ceremony Music Layout:

During a church wedding ceremony there are many areas where you may choose to add music. Below is the layout which I feel works best in my experience. It’s important to note that whilst you want your music choice to contribute to the atmosphere and contribute help keep the energy flowing, you definitely don’t want the music to drag out the length of the ceremony. Another notable fact is that some parishes can be stricter than others in terms of “non-religious” music – so make sure to discuss this with your Priest in advance as a courtesy… although most priests tend to be usually happy once a few key areas are kept religious.

Civil Ceremony Music Layout:

Civil ceremonies are a lot shorter than church weddings and sometimes the fact that they are so short, can make them a feel a little less personal. Song choice can change the atmosphere drastically and make any hotel ballroom or ceremony venue feel more magical. There are 3 main sections where music is needed for a civil ceremony.

There are also two other parts of the ceremony where you can choose to add music if you wish:


Frequently asked questions:

  1. How far does Kayla travel? Kayla is from Galway but travels the length and breathe of the country for wedding ceremonies and with her band, Lady and the Tramps. With a base in Limerick, Portlaoise and Galway it means that her travel expenses are at a minimum.
  2. What does Kayla charge? Prices may vary slightly due to small travel expenses but on average ceremony music with accompaniment comes in at €475.
  3. Does Kayla provide a sound system? Yes, Kayla always prefers to use her own equipment because she knows how to use it and get the best sound from it. This minimizes set up time too. Kayla also brings a backup system.
  4. Before the ceremony begins will Kayla play as the guests arrive? Kayla uses sings until 10 minutes before the brides arrival. The reason Kayla stops is to make the brides arrival more special .
  5. When do I need to pick my ceremony music? 4 weeks before the date is the time to confirm all music. Kayla usually gets in touch 6- 8 weeks before the date to get the ball rolling on choosing the ceremony music.


Terms and Conditions

  1. A deposit of €50 secures every booking and is non-refundable.
  2. The balance must be paid via bank transfer BEFORE your wedding date OR cash on the day itself.
  3. The quoted fee is only valid for 6 weeks. Fees may change after this unless a deposit is paid within this time frame.
  4. The quoted fee may change if the original details submitted by you change. e.g Venue & Location.
  5. Additional musicians and Services may be added at anytime to your package depending on availability.
  6. A cancellation fee of €50 may apply if additional musicians or services are removed from a package within 3 weeks of the wedding date.
  7. A cancellation fee of up to 40% of the total fee may apply if an entire booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the date.
  8. During a pre reception, Kayla will perform up until the time of the scheduled dinner bell. If there is a delay, Kayla will perform for an additional 15 minutes.
  9. All details submitted by you are stored by Kayla McDonagh Wedding Music for the sole purpose of managing your booking for the duration of your wedding planning and up to 1 year after your wedding day. The data file is stored on a password protected computer and will not be disclosed with any third party. You will only be contacted to discuss your booking and on occasion, may be contacted with any offers or competitions for up to 1 year after your wedding. You are entitled to a copy of all your personal data and you may ask for any data to be removed.
  10. Kayla McDonagh cannot be held responsible for any issues by or from a third party which may effect services provided.
  11. Kayla McDonagh has the right to cancel a booking at any time at her discretion and any monies paid will be refunded including deposit.

By paying a deposit you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.