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Hi Folks,

So this post is a little different to any other I have posted. I met with my website designer Jason, during the week and he has given me the know how on how to post my own blogs …. So if you were wondering why the overload of new posts its because I can now do them myself.

I thought Id upload something a little more personal. I like to get to know my couples and I invest so much of myself in every couple’s special day so I thought I would discuss what I get asked the most.

“Who will sing at your wedding?”

This is by far the most asked question from friends, family and couples who book me for their special day. As a wedding singer with many talented wedding singer friends and other singers whom I have studied with in the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama , it is impossible to narrow it down to just one!

To answer honestly , I don’t think I will have a singer at my own wedding and if I was I would have a male singer. Crazy right? Some would say I’m dissing the business I myself am in.

There are a few different reasons for this but mainly because of my Dad. My favourite memories of my Dad and me are of him playing guitar and us singing together. My brother also plays guitar even though I wish he would play more as he is a lot more talented than he realises. Growing up we would have some amazing sing songs in the house and often in the garden late at night with a fire lit. Songs such as ‘Caledonia’ , ‘Carrickfergus’ and ‘Summertime’ were always the first to be sung.

To this day, My Dad is my go to person when it comes to my music and my singing. Music is a huge part of our relationship so that is why on my wedding day it will be important that it reflects our relationship too.

So what type of music will I have at my wedding? ….

My dream would be to have some wonderful guitar instrumentals as my Dad and brother are guitarists and its an instrument I grew up listening to and singing with. For the longest time I had imagined myself walking up the aisle to a guitar instrumental of ‘Here comes the Sun’ probably because growing up my Dad would always say “Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine!”

Another reason for having a male vocalist would be due to my obsession with Lucianno Pavarotti. I became obsessed with this man when I was very young. His voice and how he delivers the music is just so captivating and every time I watch and hear him I get so inspired. So much so that at 17 I got ‘Vincero’ tattooed on my back. This is the last word from ‘Nessun Dorma’ which Pavarotti sings so beautifully….  There’s some info you didn’t think you were going to get from this blog!

Anyhow.. another song I would love to include on my list of wedding songs is ‘When we were young’ by Adele which I did a video of. For me, this video changed everything. As well as getting over 17,000 views when it was uploaded to facebook, it was also shared by Her.ie and the write up they gave me made me really emotional and proud. Whenever I sing this song or hear it, I get this amazing feeling which I cant describe as anything else but complete happiness… It was a very exciting time for me to see the success of the video and receive the feedback that I did.  Check out the her.ie write up here.

Im not engaged yet… YET ( cough cough Don!) But I sing at weddings every week, all across the country. The two most important things in my life are the people I love and music. On my wedding day I want the music to represent those who matter most and to create an atmosphere that I and my partner will never forget. I also want this for my couples. its my job to make sure they get the songs that mean the most to them and that I channel Pavarotti and deliver every song in a way that will create an unforgettable atmosphere during their wedding ceremony.

If I were getting married tomorrow Id have Mike , my guitar player, play at the ceremony.  My entrance would be ‘Here comes the sun’. As we light the candle, Mike would sing ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. At the signing of the register I would like ‘When we were young’. I have already told Mike he needs to learn this one! Finally, to get us dancing as we leave the ceremony , our exit would be Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle on the Hill’  which is song that reminds me and Don of each other as we spend a lot of time driving to see each other.

My tip to anyone deciding on what or who to have as their wedding singer or wedding musician is to stick to what represents you. Choose music you both love, music that makes you cry, makes you laugh, makes you dance, makes you feel! Music that brings back memories and that will create new ones on one of the most overwhelming and special days of your life. That’s what I will do and what I urge all my couples to do.

I hope you all enjoyed this post … its something different and not very useful but it gives you a little insight in to what  I would choose for my day and why. On that note , Don, the music is picked so hurry on with the ring! 😛 .. Im kidding!

Below is my cover of ‘When we were young’. Enjoy folks and talk soon!

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