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Hi folks,

What amazing weather we are having this week! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as possible. I know I am!

I wanted to do a little post about my weekend with Switch .  Switch are a Clare based band who travel the length and breath of the country playing in serious live music venues. They also perform at weddings and other big functions.

I first saw the band last year after getting to know Ronan, the bands drummer. I was immediately blown away by the energy on stage brought mostly by Aoife, the bands lead singer. Their set is also high energy and uniquely put together. No song is the same and there are so many surprises throughout the set.

This brings me to the title of this blog… The biggest compliment to any singer.

Well the biggest compliment any singer can get is to be asked to fill the shoes of another singer. That is exactly what I got to do this weekend as Aoife was away celebrating a friends wedding.

I had an absolute ball playing with Ronan, Keelan, Artur and Kyle. These boys are all such talented musicians and great craic to be around. Their set up is amazing and I got such a buzz out of sharing the stage with them.

Its a huge deal to cover for another singer. It takes a while for a band to mould together and an amazing thing happens after a while where you all start to think as one instead of 5 different musicians. You place a lot of trust in your band members as you rely on them to cover you should anything go wrong or happen during  a performance. You develop little code words and cue’s to let each other know what you are planning to do next and this doesn’t just happen over night. So standing in with a band is daunting but I absolutely love it. You are kept on your toes for the entire set and the buzz at the end of the gig is unbelievable.

I have stood in with a couple of bands over the past few months and I always love the experience but there was something extra special about standing in with Switch. As one of my friends put it, they are my “band crush”. My weekend with the lads could not have gone smoother, probably down to the fact that they are such pro’s and are so on the ball. They helped me out so much and made it so easy for me to gig along side them in such brilliant venues. The crowds loved us, the band was unreal and the lead singer didn’t do too badly either! 😛

I have popped a little video below of Kyle and Myself rocking out in Sligo.

I have popped some photo’s below of the my nights with Switch. I have seen so many bands, I have sung with so many bands. I’m telling you all now.. you have to see them! Why not book your own little music festival for your wedding or event and have us all!! 😛

On that note.. A huge thanks once again to Ronan, Keelan, Kyle and Artur for having me and sharing the stage with me. But an even bigger thank you to Aoife for trusting me to fill her shoes. I take it as a huge compliment and it was such a pleasure! (Hope you enjoyed the wedding Aoife) 🙂

Couldn’t have spent my birthday weekend doing anything better or with better people!

“To be great, Surround yourself with Greatness!”



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