Kayla McDonagh Wedding Singer Ireland

Date: July 13th 2017

Location: Church of the Holy Rosary, Doolin, Co.Clare

Well , where do I even start! Firstly, a huge congrats to Lydia and Trevor who were married today. There always a number of couples whom I grow close to every year and Lycia and Trevor are definitely a couple whom I see myself being in contact with for life.

I first met them in person at the Ultimate weddings Live in Limerick where they came especially to hear me sing a requested song for them. There were a few tears and that had them sold I think… The same song was Lydia’s entrance song.. ‘All the Ways you wander’ originally by John Spillane.

Lydia and Trevor had such personal ideas for their ceremony music which made my job even more enjoyable. I love when a couple have their own tastes and are passionate about the songs they pick. That’s how I would describe this couple. Very passionate , fun and madly in love with each other and life.



There was such a lovely atmosphere in the church and how could there not be with all of their family and friends so excited just like Trevor and Lydia were.

Myself and Mike had a little giggle at Trevor as he had an awful case of the shakes lighting the individual candles but by the unity candle he was singing along with me as I sang ‘On raglan Road’.


Lydia’s entrance was breath taking and I have popped a link to that below. You will see in the video that the priest invites the couple to light the individual candles straight away. When and if this happens, we continue with the entrance song until the couple are in their seats as stopping and starting a new song can interrupt the flow. Lydia and Trevor had chosen ‘Mo Ghile Mear’ for the individual candles but instead we moved this to the Sign of Peace as I knew it was an important song for them.

Myself and Mike were also joined by my dear friend and fellow ceremony singer/pianist, Jenny O’Brien. Jenny’s beautiful piano playing and harmonies really added to the music.

Entrance – All the way you wander – Piano

Individual Candle – Mo Ghile Mear (Entrance song continued)

Psalm – You are mine – Guitar

Unity Candle – On Raglan Road – Piano

Offertory – Lydia’s Father performed ‘The lonesome boatman’ on the whistle

Sign of Peace – Ag criost an Siol ( Mo Ghile Mear )

Communion – Nella Fantasia – Piano , How Great Thou Art – Guitar

Register – When we were young, Yours, At Eirinn, Feels like home. ( Only two of these were required)

Exit – Everything.

Lydia and Trevor, Thank you so much for having myself , Jenny and Mike be part of your day. You truly are two wonderful people! Enjoy the honeymoon and Lydia , make sure to send on some more videos of Trevor singing along to all my videos! 😉 Ill never let you away with that one Trev! 😛


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