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Hi folks,

What a week it has been! Both the Daily Mail and The Irish Post (London based newspaper) have written wonderful posts about me this week after seeing the video of me singing ‘Ave Maria’ (not perfectly but not too badly) on-board a Ryanair flight from Benidorm to Birmingham.

I first posted the video a few weeks back after a wonderful  (and rare) weekend off celebrating my cousin Clare’s hen do! We were flying home when my Auntie Lorraine and cousin Mary Jane, secretly told the flight attendants that there was a ‘famous Irish soprano’ on board. Needless to say after a weekend enjoying myself in Benidorm I certainly didn’t feel like a ‘famous Irish soprano’ … I didn’t even think I had any voice left after all the singing we had already done! So when the flight attendant announced this over the speaker system along with my name, MY FULL NAME, I was ready for the ground to swallow me up!

But As I was among very dear family and since I don’t make many family celebrations AND since the entire flight was expecting a performance – I had to perform! It was great fun and I managed to pull it off pretty well considering the circumstances! You will see me shaking my head a lot in the video – because I couldn’t believe what was happening! It was great to get such a wonderful warm applause and cheer after I had sung!

Here are links to both the Daily Mail article, and The Irish Post article.

Over a year ago I was also blessed enough to feature on Her.ie . Here is a link to the article – Irish Singer gives Adele a run for her money!

See both LIVE videos below.

Unfortunately I wont be able to make the wedding of Clare and Anthony in Lapland this December due to wedding bookings, but I know they will have the most amazing time and I’m sure the rest of the family will manage to sing a song or two without me ! 😉

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