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bigstock-Young-bride-in-a-white-wedding-113376158-660x330.jpgHi Folks,

Today I’m discussing what to splurge on and what to save on in terms of your wedding budget.

Firstly lets point out the basics!

  1. Every couple have a different budget. Try and stick to yours and ignore everyone else.
  2. Every couple have a different “dream wedding” in mind. Prioritize what you have to have and what you don’t!
  3. Every wedding may vary in size. Invite people who you want there.
  4. Every couple wants to have the best day of their lives!

Where to save?

Whether your budget is on the smaller side or on the bigger side, there are ways to save on your  wedding day.

The first way to save across the board is to choose a date which is ‘Off peak /off season’ or midweek. Suppliers like myself, usually give a discount or special promotion for Midweek weddings and off peak weddings.   So even with just choosing the right date for your wedding you can save some dollars! Then its a case of looking at where further savings can be made..

But where do you save? Here are my tips on deciding what elements to save on!

  1. Write a list of what you need. (Venue, dress, band, photographer etc)
  2. Highlight what is most important to you.
  3. Write a new list of what is most important to you and a second list of the ‘not-needed’ elements.

Once you have the priority list for your dream wedding, start to research suppliers and allocate the appropriate budget amount to each element. I suggest allocating a little more to the elements that are the most important and a little less on the elements that aren’t as high on your list.

Once you have the first list researched and your budget allocated, you might be left with some room in the budget for something that was on the second list. Or you might need to remove something from the priority list… BUT WAIT!

Before you go removing something from the priority list, research and communicate some more with your suppliers and see is there a way to reduce the cost.

How to save


  1. A smart guest list: This is an obvious one but an important one. You wouldn’t believe how quickly the numbers can creep up. Be strict and don’t listen to any family members. Only invite who you want there!
  2. Packages are your friend: Communicate with your suppliers. Know what they can provide. Often enough suppliers can do more than one thing and a package from one supplier is always cheaper than hiring two individual suppliers. side by sideor miles apartbest friends are foreverclose to the heart.png
  3. DIY: Doing stuff yourself is great but make sure you don’t put too much on your plate! As long as it isn’t too much, DIY to your hearts content! download (1).jpg
  4. Downsize: The first way you can save by downsizing is by reducing the size of your bridal party. The cost of getting a big bridal party wedding ready can quickly add up. Make sure to only have the really important people stand beside you. In terms of suppliers, You don’t need to go for the most expensive package. Photographers, Videographers and singers like myself often provide more budget friendly packages so you can save but still avail of our services for some part of your day. For example, booking your desired photographer for the ceremony up until the speeches instead of the full evening. Or booking me with the piano backing track option instead of live piano. There are many ways to downsize  and save without skimping on the end product.



Where to splurge?

Its very simple in my mind .. Good Company. Good Food & Good Music but apart from that…

  1. Photographer: Good photos will grace the walls of your home, they will be in photo albums that your great great grandchildren will see. A good photographer will capture your day and an experienced photographer will be able to create amazing shots no matter what is thrown at him/her. Photos will last forever and could possibly be the only thing you have to look back on if you are not getting a videographer.. which brings me to my next point….
  2. Videographer: If you can afford a videographer then go for it! Even if its just for the ceremony. In years to come it would be wonderful to look back on and see/hear people who may no longer be around.
  3. Venue: A good venue will offer an amazing wedding co-ordinator too who will turn in to you life line when it comes close to your wedding. Before finalizing your booking make sure you have been happy with the speed of the communication. If you are waiting for a response now then you will also be waiting one week before your date. You and your guests are also going to spend most of your time here so make sure you pick a venue that is PERFECT! The better venues will also offer things like candy carts and some little extras that other hotels may not provide. So research and splurge on the Venue that offers more in terms of the people and their packages.
  4. Music: (I was obviously going to add this one) But seriously! Music while you walk up the aisle, music when you walk out as a newly married couple and the songs in-between,  your first dance and the hours of entertainment needed after your dinner has finished to give you and your guests a night to remember. Music takes up a massive part of your day and is needed at all the important moments to make them even special. Splurge if you can. If you find a band or singer that you love and they are a little outside your budget, find a way to book them! You will not regret it!



I could go on and on but I hope this helps some of you who may be in the early stages of wedding planning. Remember to always do what you want! Its very easy to get carried away when you have people in your ear about what you have to have! You only have to have what is important to you and spend as much as you think appropriate.



I offer a midweek and off season price reduction and a full day music package for 2k with Lady and the Tramps which covers all of your music from start to finish!

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