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Intimate Wedding Day Package

Intimate weddings are very popular in Ireland. We have some of the most romantic intimate wedding venues in the world which over flow with culture and character.

When planning your intimate wedding in Ireland, it is important to book suppliers who  are warm, personable and who you get on with as unlike larger weddings where suppliers get lost in the bigger crowd, they will now instead be spending more time with you and your smaller number of special guests.

Working with warm, personable suppliers for your intimate weddings will have a massive effect on the entire atmosphere of your wedding day and it wont go unnoticed by your guests either.

Kayla has worked with many couples who have planned and are currently planning they every own intimate weddings and knows the importance of making every guest feel special and of course the couple themselves.

With intimate weddings becoming more popular, Kayla has created a specialist package to suit these smaller venues.



The Intimate Wedding Day Package includes:

Couples often struggle to decide on evening after dinner/reception entertainment when having an intimate wedding as usually, the room is much smaller and a large full band ( with drums) would be too loud and could possibly overwhelm your guests. This is why Kayla’s 3 piece acoustic band is perfect for weddings of up to 70 guests.

The 3 piece acoustic wedding band includes 3 vocalists (Kayla and 2 male singers) , guitar,  bass guitar and percussion (stomp box and tambourine) .

The set list includes classics which you and you guest will dance and sing along to but can also be as mellow or lively as you desire.

Kayla makes a huge effort to get to know the couple and their guests throughout the wedding day and this make such a difference to the atmosphere on the night. Interaction with the crowd is important at making any wedding, no matter its size, a success but it is vital for intimate weddings that the guests and couple have fun and feel comfortable.

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