Kayla McDonagh Wedding Singer Ireland

Below are some general ceremony music questions and some questions specifically about Kayla which are frequently asked.

  1. How far do you travel? Kayla travels nationwide and abroad. Of course, a larger travel expense is added for weddings which are more than 2.5hours away or weddings which require and over night stay.
  2. What does the price include? Kayla will not give a specific quote until she knows where the wedding will be held.This is so she can factor in the additional travel cost, if any. You will receive multiple quotes for the multiple packages Kayla offers. There are no extra costs. Once Kayla sends you the quote it does not change unless there is a venue change.
  3. How many songs do I need? If getting married in a church you will require 7 songs minimum for a full church ceremony or 4 songs for a civil/humanist ceremony. Check out Helpful Tips to see the full ceremony music layout for both church and civil ceremonies.
  4. When will you arrive at the ceremony venue? Kayla arrives 1hour or more before the ceremony start time. This is to allow time to set up the sound system before guests arrive.
  5. Do you bring your own sound system? Yes and I prefer to use my own because I know how to use it and it takes less set up time to use a system I am familiar with 🙂
  6. Will you play or sing as guests are arriving? We always do a sound check and run through some fo the songs we will be playing. We do perform while guests are arriving but at a low volume to allow guests to mingle too. Often if we play at full volume people feel as if they should chat and this creates a strict atmosphere. We stop playing 5 to 10 minutes before the bride/grooms arrival as by this point the church is full of people chatting and it makes the  entrance song more special.
  7. Do I have to choose my wedding music from your set list? Absolutely NOT! Kayla has a massive repertoire of music – Too many songs to list! The set list which can be found here > Setlist , is just a starting point and will hopefully give you some inspiration. Kayla will learn any amount of new songs if she doesn’t already know them as long as they are emailed to her 4 weeks in advance.
  8. Do I need to have religious songs in my church wedding service? Yes. There are certain parts of the mass which require religious hymns. Kayla can help put a set list together that will comply with the majority of parish offices and Priests but you will need to clear song choices with your Priest.
  9. Can I change or add accompaniment? Yes of course. Accompaniment can be added to any package at any time up to 1 week before the wedding. Accompaniment cannot be taken or changed 3 weeks before the date. Kayla will always confirm the accompaniment option 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date. This is because Kayla must be fair to the amazing musicians that she works with. It is not fair to give musicians a date and have them mark it off in their diary and then tell them closer to the time that they are not required.
  10. What is the deposit? The deposit is €50 and this can be paid here > Step 1: Book Now
  11. How can I pay the balance? The balance can be paid via bank transfer one week prior or by cash on the wedding day itself.


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